What is the nanoz universe?

From July 2021 to February 2022, 500 handmade Nanoz were released as part of the Genesis collection alongside Artist Series collabs and collector Achievements NFTs.

The Genesis collection laid the foundation of the Nanoz Universe, a colorful, family friendly NFT collection. Discover 5555 fun characters made of 350+ unique traits.

Each Nanoz come from different planets with their own specificities…

Made by a collector for collectors, you will embark in a unique and rewarding collectible journey.


An illustration showing different floating islands representing the elements of the Nanoz Universe Roadmap
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Origin Planets


Where it all started. The home planet of Cooper, the Nanoz behind the discovery of the Nanoz Universe. We are not alone.


A very, very sweet planet made almost entirely of sugar. Be careful, once you get there it’s hard to leave…


A furry planet that appeared out of nowhere. Home of some crazy Nanoz that love to loot. Dungeons, forests, pyramids… They are always ready to explore!

Steel MX-01

Entirely made of steel, this planet is the home of the Robots. They are in charge of building stuff.

Alien Spaceship

Used by a foreign species to explore the galaxy, the Alien Spaceship found its way to the Nanoz Universe… 

Nanoz Space Station

Main exploration hub of the Nanoz Space Agency, The NSS home to a group of astronauts risking their lives to reveal the mysteries of the Nanoz Universe.


A shiny tiny planet populated exclusively by Solid gold Nanoz. They are in charge of the Nanoz Universe economy via NanozCoin.


The rumor says that a handful of Nanoz were exposed to the powerfull crystals of this tiny planet...

Behind the project


founder / Artist



web3 developer



Community help



Community help


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